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Pramukh Industries : All Type of Manufacturer Metal Pre Treatment Chemicals.
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We are Supplier and Manufacturer of Other Chemicals as Per Client’s requirements Such as Rust Remover, Rust Converter, Galvanize Cleaner, oil Remover, Degreasing and Derusting Chemicals, Carbon Remover, Oil Rust Remover etc.
Rust Remover – RR - 450
Rust Remover - 450 Removes light oil, rust etc. It is a Versatile General Purpose Cleaner. It is very safe to use on all metal & non-metals. It is used in panel board, engineering, machinery etc. The parts should be dipped for 15-20 minutes. in rust remover. 30-35 % rust remover-450 used for 100 litres of bath.
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Rust Converter - RC - 444
Rust Converter - 444 is a Solution which on applying Converts the existing Steel rust into a stable metal Complex by forming a polymeric film over it. The Polymeric and Passivation Coating preventing future Corrosion which in turn acts as an ideal base for painting. Rust converter-444 results with all the layers and forms a stable non-reactive complex organ, metallic surface having bluish-black colour. Apply rust converter-444 properly with brush, spray, and roller or by dipping. The first coat dry completely for 24 hours to ensure the complete reaction of rust converter-444 with rust. Then the surface is ready to receive any kind of future coat. It is used in structured steel tanker, overhead water tanks, heavy drilling rigs, pipe and tube stock, cranes, chemical process equipment and storage tank etc.
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G.I Cleaner - GI - 122
GI-122 is used for remove oil, grease from the surface of galvanize. It is applied by brush, dipping and wiping. 15-20 % of GI-12 is used for 100 litre bath. The time for dipping is 15-20 minutes.
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Oil Remover - OR - 333
Oil Remover - 333 is an acidic type metal Cleaner. It is used for remove oils and soils from Aluminium, iron and Zinc, Steel and Casting Surface. It is applied by dip and Spray Process. 20-25 % of Oil remover- 333 is used for 100 litre of bath. The time for dipping is 15-20 minutes.
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Degreasing and Derusting Chemicals - DD - 22
DD-22 is water white Phosphoric acid based Chemical. It is Soluble in Water. It is used for removing soil, oil and light rust. It is used normally 25-30% in 100 liter of bath. The time for dipping is 20-25 minutes.
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Carbon Remover - CR - 300
Carbon Remover - 300 is used for remove Oil, Rust, Carbon, Soil from the Surface of metal Components. It is applied by dipping used for 30-35 % of CR-333 is used for 100 liter of bath. The time for dipping is 25-30 minutes.
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Oil-Rust Remover - ORR - 350
Oil-Rust Remover – 350 can be used for removing light oil, light rust, soil from the surface of metals. 25-30 % of Oil-rust remover-350 used for 100 liter of bath. It is applied by dipping process. The time for dipping is 15-20 minutes.
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Scale Remover – SR - 25
Scale Remover – 25 is acidic and neutral Cleaner. It is used for removal of scales from Tubes, pipes, boilers and heat exchanger and black M.S. sheets.
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