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Pramukh Industries : All Type of Manufacturer Metal Pre Treatment Chemicals.
House Keeping Cleaning Chemicals
Our Company is One of the most Prominent Trader and Supplier of Best Quality range of House Keeping Cleaning Chemicals. We offer these Chemicals in Different Packages in Accordance with the Quantity required. Our Product range includes dish Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Hand Wash, Car Wash, Car Polish etc.
Dish Cleaner – DC - 31
Dish Cleaner - 31 is a Liquid Detergent for Dish Washing. Use it for quick and Gentle Cleaning for All your Crockery. Shake well before use.
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Glass Cleaner – GC - 45
Glass Cleaner – 45 is use for Glass Cleaning. This Cleaner for Applying it on TV, Fridge, Glass Tables, Windows and many Other Things to make Them Shine more. The Precise Composition of these Cleaners makes it Suitable for many Cleaning Purposes. These are made up of non Toxic Chemicals and so it is Completely harmless.
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Floor Cleaner – FC - 50
Floor Cleaner – 50 is a Liquid Detergent Available as Concentrate, it can Clean Floors as well as Greasy / Oily area. It can be used in Variety of Environments like Workshops, Factories, Hotels, Public areas, Offices, Homes etc. These Cleaners make the Floor Free From Germs and Keep it Clean for more than 2 days. Our Clients can avail the Floor Cleaner in Different Quantity and in an Affordable range.
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Hand Wash – HW - 60
Hand Wash – 60 is a Specially Created Hand Wash which is Completely Soap free. It is a Soft & Gentle Cleaner, with Distinctive and Refreshing Fragrance. The Hand Wash we Offer is Available in Different Quantity as Per the requirement of Our Client. Shake well before use.
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Car Wash – CW - 70
Car Wash – 70 is a Concentrated Gentle high Performance Detergent along with Gloss Enchancer. It is Great for Spot Cleaning and Hard Surface Cleaning.
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Car Polish - CP - 85
Car Polish - 85 Which is used to remove the ingrained dirt and Stains from the car. It gives maximum Cleaning and Shining to the body of car, without any Machines or rubbing. This Car Polish also Protects the Paint and Shines of Car and adds life to its looks. It is very effective in removing ingrained dirt, removing hard stains, enhancing shine, Protecting from Spots and Marks
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